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Luxury Purple

Product Description

Turkey was one of the earliest countries to grow cotton.

Since the Middle Ages, the world's best bath towels came from the countries such as Turkey and Portugal. Turkish bath, Russian bath, Finnish bath, and Japanese bath were known as "the Four World Baths". Turkish bath is an essential part of the Turkish culture and it plays an important role in the domestic culture and daily life since  the ancient Rome age. Thanks to the long history of bath culture, the bath towel of "Made in Turkey" has already on behalf of superior quality and aristocratic enjoyment.

The manufactory of "Hyparlak" was founded in Turkey Bursa region in 1975.

It lies in the southwest of Marmara sea, locates by the mountain of ULUDAĞ and closes to the north Aegean sea.

We introduce the world's leading manufacturing equipment from Germany and Italy, eachtowel is knitted with 100% Turkish Aegean long-stapled cotton, dyed with natural water of ULUDAĞ  and the natural reactive dye.