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Cotton, as a natural and organic fiber crop, plays an irreplaceable role in the textile industry. Even though chemosynthetic fiber has been widely used in actual production and life, the position of cotton in the textile industry is still unshakable. The earliest history can be traced back to the Indus Valley before 5-4000 BC. Subsequently, with the development of commodity trade, cotton was gradually introduced into the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and other regions. Until now, Turkey has become one of the major cotton growing regions in the world. Long staple cotton because of longer fiber and get the name, also known as island cotton.Turkish cotton is the treasure of cotton, mainly planted in the Aegean sea region, where the fertile soil, warm Mediterranean climate is very suitable for cotton. The cotton here is known as "white gold" by the local people because of the abundant light conditions and superior environment, large and white cotton flowers and high quality. Turkey long-staple cotton growth period is longer than upland cotton 10-15 days, the longest fiber length is 64 mm, long-staple cotton fiber cross-sectional nearly circular, diffuse reflection ability, turn more, made of the surface of the fabric will be suffused with a layer of mercerizing, sending out the senior feeling, so use long-staple cotton spun yarn fiber absorbent, plasticity, ductility, glossiness are far more than ordinary cotton yarn. So it's made from it so that the fabric will have a mercerization on the back surface, good dyeing effect, giving off a sense of luxury, and the towel made from it will feel soft and fluffy, and the suede will be full and shapely.
Turkey was one of the earliest countries to grow cotton.
Since the Middle Ages, the world's best bath towels came from the countries such as Turkey and Portugal. Turkish bath, Russian bath, Finnish bath, and Japanese bath were known as "the Four World Baths". Turkish bath is an essential part of the Turkish culture and it plays an important role in the domestic culture and daily life since  the ancient Rome age. Thanks to the long history of bath culture, the bath towel of "Made in Turkey" has already on behalf of superior quality and aristocratic enjoyment.
--High weight(500-650GSM)process, more super water absorption capacity
-- Touching the fullness, Feeling the softness
--100% cotton, safe and healthy
-- Turkish craft- long life
-- Exquisite design--


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