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ZHEJIANG ZHONGHANGJI TRADE COMPANY LTD. was established in 2001. The company is a subsidiary of CHINA AVIC INTERNATIONAL HANGZHOU COMPANY LIMITED. Relying on the strong strength and high-tech advantages of the aviation industry and the parent company, and giving full play to the advantages of the better geographical environment and more developed economy in the southeast coastal area of Zhejiang, the company develops its business by combining industry and trade, technology and trade, import and export and other ways.
The company mainly engaged in import and export business, and domestic purchase and sale business. We know the international market, commodity information, has the customer resources, with a number of countries and the area of industrial and commercial enterprises maintain close economic and trade relations, with strong international market development capability, work closely with relevant production enterprises to jointly develop new products, export products to promote and expand its own brand, sales network all over the world's major countries and regions.
“Hyparlak” adheres the vision of “Let the world share the wonders of China and let China experience the wonders of the world”. We take advantages of professional standards and experience from our holding company,AVIC INTL, which dedicating in international business for almost three decades, thereby having well understanding of local characteristic culture of regional markets as well as global market.

We committed to discover the good products, selected excellent manufacturers and control stringent quality around the global. we make efforts to become a trustworthy quality home supplies brand.
In “Hyparlak”, you can stand a chance of understanding local tradition from each countries, feeling the exotic romance at home, immersing the essence of world's good products, and enjoying the convenient life experience and meticulous after-sales service.


"Let the world share the wonders of China and let China experience the wonders of the world " – mission
"Build a first-class enterprise cluster and become a world-class excellent enterprise that is loved by employees, respected by customers and respected by the society" -- development vision
"People-oriented, responsibility, partners, innovation, the unity of knowledge and action" – values



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